Virtual Reality in Intergroup Conflict: A New Research Paradigm

ג', 29/11/2016 - 14:30 עד 15:30

חדר 503, בית מאירסדורף


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Virtual Reality in Intergroup Conflict: A New Research Paradigm


While Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming mainstream it is also receiving increasing attention as a new research tool in the social sciences and humanities. Its application in conflict research, however, is still widely unexplored. This lecture first provides a brief introduction to VR from a psychological perspective. Then it explains how its unique characteristics help to overcome practical, methodological and ethical constraints that often limit experimental research in this field. This potential will be illustrated by findings of a series of VR experiments on racial bias and intergroup conflict that we conducted in Spain and Israel. These studies focus on two main approaches: 1) simulated contact with a virtual out-group member as an extension of the classical contact hypothesis, and 2) embodied perspective-taking that gives participants the illusion of actually being in someone else’s (virtual) body. The lecture concludes with an outlook to future directions in this emerging field of research.  

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